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Partners & Sponsors


Russian Agricultural Bank
Russian Agricultural Bank is 100% state-owned bank regulated by the Central Bank of Russia. RusAg is one of the leading financial institutions providing lending support to Russian agribusiness.
RusAg is an agent of the Government of the Russian Federation for providing financial services to agribusiness. It is the only state-owned bank in the Russian Federation exclusively focused on providing services to the agribusiness and rural population, which makes up 27% of the total population. RusAg’s credit policy stipulates that at least 70% of the loan portfolio is devoted to agribusiness.
Today Russian Agricultural Bank’s network of 78 regional branches and over 1460 additional offices covers the whole territory of the Russian Federation and is the second largest regional branch network in the country. RusAg’s local presence provides a significant marketing advantage and access to regional client base.


Rintech Ltd
Rintech Ltd is a fast growing company addressing the segment of information technologies in healthcare, social security and public administration. Rintech is a part of IT Co group of companies – one of the leaders of Russian IT market.
Company’s mission – bringing in innovations into Russian public administration by means of extensive and efficient use of information technologies.
Rintech solutions portfolio is based on substantial expertise in rendered consulting services to the public sector, such as regional IT strategy development, planning IT projects rollout, helping regional authorities with enhancing their regulation landscape to facilitate efficient IT innovations introduction, design and development of e-government and e-citizen solutions.


ECOESTATE™ is the new brand name under which ROST Group, the oldest group of companies in St. Petersburg real estate market, has been working since early 2009. ROST Group has been occupied with real estate since 1991. The company’s activities are marked by numerous international certificates. Extensive experience and broad network of contacts with foreign investors, developers and colleagues provide for high-proficiency  rendering brokerage and consulting services in implementation of development projects and commercial property in most investment-attractive areas of Russia – St. Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo and Sochi as well as in Finland and other countries.

Oracle, the world’s largest enterprise software company, has supplied the software and services that let organizations get the most up-to-date and accurate information from their business systems. Oracle’s goal is to offer customers scalable, reliable, secure and integrated software systems that provide transactional efficiencies, adapt to an organization’s unique needs, and allow better ways to access and manage information at a low total cost of ownership.Oracle technology can be found in nearly every industry, and in the data centers of 98 of the Fortune 100 companies. Oracle has more than 300,000 global customers, which include 37,500 applications customers. Oracle is offering it’s products and solutions in consulting, education and technical support in more than 145 countries around the world.


The PeterStar - one of the leaders of the telecommunications market in the Northwest Region – specializes in the telephony, Internet and data services provision. The Company serves over 100 thousand telephone lines and occupies a considerable share of business telephony market among alternative telecom carriers.
Among PeterStar’s customers are respected organizations such as Bank of Russia, Sberbank, Vneshtorgbank, Grand Hotel Europe, Radisson SAS Hotel, Pulkovo Airlines.
The Company has affiliates and branches in Murmansk, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk and Vyborg, where it provides communication services based on up-to-date digital technology.

Founded in 2007, COUNTRY FORMAT  is a real estate development and investment company engaged in landmark projects of the innovative “New Country” format, representing leading-edge achievements in real estate industry.
“New Country” format is:

  • innovative concepts of recreational parks, sports facilities, hotels, private home settlements, etc., designed in cooperation with the leading world-class companies using the most advanced technologies
  • new countryside large-scale residential and recreational facilities providing physical and emotional comfort for their residents
  • facilities deeply integrated into natural landscape (when starting a new project, the Company undertakes a thorough study of the construction site in terms of its interaction with the adjacent lands and preserving the natural environment)


Russian Economic Developers Association (ASSET) 
Russian Economic Developers Association (ASSET) incorporates individual practitioners, scientific workers, experts and consultants, engaged in fostering economic development of towns and regions.
The principal goalof the Association is to foster socio-economic development of Russian regions through formation of the community of high professional territorial development experts.
Association tasks:

  • formation of professional standards in the area of fostering economic development of territories;

  • introduction of strategic planning practices in regions and local self-government bodies;

  • advanced training and enhancing skills of economic developers;

  • certification of territorial economic development experts;

  • exchange of professional experiences among the territorial economic development experts 

The Centre of Social-Conservative Policy (CSCP)
The Centre of Social-Conservative Policy (CSCP) commenced its work in Russia in January, 2005 as a crisis-proof Centre for the position development for the party of a parliamentary majority on the key issues of the social-economic development of the country. The best practices of the Centre underlay in the election programme of the party «United Russia». CSCP has become one of the most influential intellectual Centres of the country.
Principles of the social and economic objectives noncontradiction, implementation of the reforms, based on the traditional for the Russian society values, inadmissibility of any extremism demonstration are the basis of the social-conservative idea, being implemented by the Centre.
The subdivisions of CSCP work in the majority of the Russian regions, the representative offices of CSCP are available in Europe (Berlin) and in Asia (Singapore).



VESTI Television Channel
VESTI Television Channel is the first and only Russian information TV channel broadcasting 24 hours a day¸ 7 days a week. It keeps its viewers abreast of world, national and regional news, provides economic analysis and in-depth interviews with leading politicians, public figures and experts. The channel’s trademark is live coverage of such significant events as international summits, economic forums, spacecraft launches etc. VESTI TV channel is broadcast via NTV+, Hot Bird and Direct TV satellite platforms as well as via air frequencies and cable networks of Russia’s 85 regions. According to Gallup estimates, as of today, VESTI’s daily audience in Russia alone is about 50 million.
VESTI FM Radio Station went on air on February 5th  , 2008. The bulk of its programming is based on exclusive information provided by All-Russia Broadcasting Company’s correspondents around the world. The station does not air newscasts in the strict sense of the word: in a non-stop dialogue mode, a host, together with his guests and colleagues in the studio, discuss the latest news in politics, economy and sports in Russia and abroad.
VESTI TV Channel and VESTI FM Radio Station put a special emphasis on economic information. It is provided to them and constantly updated by the specially created All-Russia Broadcasting Company’s Unified Economic Center.
VESTI.RU WEBSITE is the All-Russia Broadcasting Company’s main Internet project. In 2007 it fully developed its multimedia capabilities. The site’s new version presents the most burning and entertaining newsreels of ROSSIA and VESTI channels, as well as regional state broadcasting companies. The websites also allows its viewers to follow live VESTI TV and VESTI FM newscasts. Its daily audience exceeds 130 thousand users.

Izvestia – official Forum newspaper
Izvestia –  the national daily newspaper which enjoys the deserved trust and respect of readers for extensive news coverage and analysis intensity.
Newspaper concernment – policy, economy, culture and sport, social life and army everyday life, city news and society news.
Izvestia materials are based on the information from primary sources, and also on own newspaper correspondents investigations.
The strict editorial policy represents the various points of view and guarantees the currency of published materials.
Exclusive reportings, analytics and comments of highly professional journalists are published in each number.
Izvestia web site ( actively introduces multimedia technologies. It strongly holds the fields of one of the most visited Internet resources of traditional mass-media of Russia.


Moscow Echo Radio Station
Moscow Echo Radio Station in St. Petersburg broadcasts at 91.5 FM diapason.
According to the sociological research, carried out by COMCON-Media, Moscow Echo in St. Petersburg is a leading commercial news radio station, preferred by the audiences of over 30 years of age with higher education, and holding top managerial or other leading positions in their companies.
Target audiences: successful entrepreneurs, top and mid-level managers

Interfax Information Services Group
Interfax Information Services Group provides news and other information products that are essential for decision-makers in politics and business.
Since early 1990s, Interfax has been the main provider of up-to-date news from Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. We are the most frequently quoted source of  information on the region.
Over the past few years, Interfax has also become a leading provider of political and business news from China and emerging markets of Central Europe.


Securities Market Magazine
Russian financial market No1 professional magazine. The magazine appears twice a month since 1992. It is a source of information for those who are involved in financial management both at federal and regional levels, or in the companies. The articles published cover practically all the problems of the Russian capital market: the analysis and the forecast of a situation on the main segments of the financial and stock markets, technologies and tools to work on financial markets, the legislation under securities, industries and overall economic surveys, strategic methods how to attract the investment, techniques of assets and risk management.

Rossiiskaya Gazeta
"Rossiiskaya Gazeta" (Russian Gazette) is published by the new Russian state. It was founded by the Government of the Russian Federation, and its first issue appeared on 11 November 1990. On the one hand, "Rossiiskaya Gazeta" enjoys official status, because acts of state come into effect upon their publication there. On the other hand, "Rossiiskaya Gazeta" is intended for the general reader, embracing everything from daily news, special reports and interviews of government officials to expert commentaries on documents of state. Our circulation exceeds 400,000. According to the polls, most of our readers are even -tempered adults inclined to conservative views.
"Rossiiskaya Gazeta" has 38 offices in Russia and abroad. It is printed in 31 Russian cities. Regular issues are provided with regional supplements and special features. We also publish series of books containing acts of state and relevant commentaries.
The General Director of "Rossiiskaya Gazeta" is Alexander Gorbenko, and its Chief Editor is Vladislav Fronin.


Quarterly Magazine «Territory Development Management»
For the specialists in the area of the state and municipal management, territorial planning and development of urban planning documentation.
Target audience: The heads and experts of governmental and local authorities, specialists of architecture, urban planning and management of land property complexes, developers of town-planning documentation.


Magazine «Budget»
The editorial staff of the economic magazine «Budget» works in close contact with the Ministry of Finance and  regional authority. The magazine «Budget» is the official publication of the Treasury of Russia.
The magazine «Budget» is a professional edition for financiers, including workers of the Treasury, the Russian financial supervision, the accounts chamber, fiscal services and others.



Practice of Municipal Management – monthly journal for heads of municipalities
The journal publishes informational, practical and methodical materials, typical document forms. In every journal issue russian heads of municipalities  share their experience. It is distributed with the help of an abonnement on all territory of Russian Federation.
Russia, Moscow, The publishing house International Center for Financial and Economic Development (ZAO ICFED)


Guild of Property Managers and Developers
Guild of Property Managers and Developers (GMD or GUD) is the association of property managers, developers and other real estate professionals of Russia and CIS countries.
GMD strategic objectives are to enhance the growth of real estate market and  increase professional expertise of member-companies.
These objectives are implemented in active cooperation with leading international associations, institutions and schools of knowledge. By drawing from world-best experience GMD establishes guidelines for doing business in the commercial real estate market of Russia; contributes to the dynamic growth and increased investment potential of regional markets.
Development of the real estate market, efficient management of private and public property, high quality and diversity of services provided by the Guild members are the safeguard for economic stability and favorable business environment in the country.

IT Media
IT Media is an integrated media resource for IT market
The company brings together all IT-projects of FineStreet Media Group: IT News newspaper, IT Manager and IT Expert magazines, as well as Internet portals: www., wwww. and IT Media is an integrated media - a platform for rapid and reliable reflection of the major events and processes, which occur on the information technologies and telecommunications market.IT Media is a team of experienced journalists and a professional look on the IT-market and its participants; it offers authoritative views and analysis of trends, IT-industry news – everything, the complex and dynamic IT world lives with today.


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